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【 Sell 】calcium alginate
Offer type: Sell
Offer post time: 2021-05-17
Offer expiry date: Never expired
Detailed Product Description:

Product description

White to pale yellow powder, calcium alginate is a divalent metal salt of alginic acid, insoluble in water, good dispersion, slowly soluble in an alkaline solution or a salt solution to form a viscous glue.
Molecular formula: [(C6H7O6) 2Ca] n

1、Gel property : The Calcium alginate does not dissolve in the water,organic solvent and ethyl alcohol, it can form the irreversible gel so the calcium alginate could widely applies in Bionic food, meat and medicine .
2、Water keeping: Calcium alginate can keep the water so it can be used in jelly and other products.
3、Health care: Calcium alginate has the property of the water absorption and gas permeability,so it can be used in hemostatic gauze and other products in medical.

Drying shrinkage: ≤15.0%
PH plants: 6-9
Ash: ≤12-30%
The calcium oxide content (does base idea): ≤8-15%
Heavy metal (by the Pb idea): ≤40mg/kg
Lead (Pb): ≤4mg/kg
Arsenic (As): ≤2mg/kg
Colony total: ≤5000cfu/g
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